Nov. 5 SAT: looking for the Lessons. Location: Private School in Westchester, NY

Given that it was my 6th SAT in 2011, as well as the first one i could say had been a really bad experience — I assume my odds aren’t therefore bad (I’m attempting to look on the bright side).

And, I’m trying to find the classes to impart from my bad experience, so ideally others can steer clear of the pitfalls.

1) Don’t Take the SAT in a Gym if you’ll help it! The SAT 2 testers had been right next door into the fitness center (cordoned down by a very non-sound proofed sliding wall), and that test ends an hour earlier and there clearly was very loud (and understandable) jubilation when their test was done — and gyms noise that is amplify. Are you getting the image?

2) Maybe I’ll increase this part of the story that the overly complacent proctor seemed oblivious to all or any of the noise that is amplified.

2) A Proper Desk is Very Important! This gym had ‘deskettes,’ which had been big enough to house one 8 x 11 size booklet, which designed I possibly could just forget about getting comfortable in my surroundings and rather concentrate on the way that is best to ‘juggle’ my test book, answer booklet, calculator and pencils. BAD.

3) Keep Your Time! It didn’t occur to me because I guess I got lucky in the past that I couldn’t count on the proctors. Maybe not today. He messed me up so poorly I do not understand where to start. View video for details.

4) November Test may breed Proctor Complacency. At the least if I’m to judge by my experience today. There were very kids that are few attendance, and the proctors managed it as an event game.

If this were a genuine stakes sat for me, I’d cancel my ratings before that deadline. Thankfully it is perhaps not ( and I don’t have to share if I don’t want to).

If I were a senior and also this was my ‘final shot,’ I’d be building a BIG stink right now with the College Board, that is for certain. I’d be insisting on a re-do because those conditions could not reflect my best abilities.

But possibly i am just too sensitive.

Day Before Test Day Thoughts

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Tomorrow are you taking the SAT? I’ve this feeling it isn’t one of the ‘popular dates.’ Feels neither fish nor fowl to me (in other words. far too late for seniors/too early for juniors).

This will be my SAT that is 6th in, and my second to endure before I’m done with this project. Then, onto the next (whatever that is). Every person asks, ‘The ACT?’ Maybe. I do want to go once.

I am going to say this though: I got on this SAT horse and allow journey lead me, and I also finished up in a completely different location than We ever expected. But that’s another blog post.

For now, two minute that is last before test day:

  1. Pack super chocolates bars for the breaks. Dagoba Superfruit is the best, but any chocolate that is dark a high cocoa content (70% and greater) is going to do the trick (i.e. fits completely into a 5 moment break and gives you power).
  2. Math Section Strategizing: Philip Keller and Stacey Howe-Lott have both espoused a philosophy that is similar which is to skip the last few questions and opt instead to be more diligent on the earlier questions. Tomorrow i vow to do my very best with this strategy. (I know, finally…right? so what can I say. I’m obstinate.)

And here is my personal MUST DO list for today:

  1. Yoga — Freddie’s class at 6 pm, which is super difficult and seriously wears me down. Must enforce the ‘No Computer After Yoga’ rule though (that’s what does me in every right time).
  2. Grab a breakfast cookie for SAT morning from the Red Barn Bakery ( the best).
  3. Flip through my ‘SAT Recipe Cards.’

Good luck in the event that you’re taking the SAT tomorrow!! inform me how it goes. We’ll report right back via video as soon as I go back home.

IQ: Exactly What Does It All Mean?

From the written book, Rapt: Attention and the Focused Life by Winifred Gallagher:

Asian students really achieve much more than their IQs would appear to predict, because they work so very hard in college. Because of their culture’s stress on academic achievement and never shaming the household, claims Nisbett, ‘A Chinese-American with an IQ of 100 achieves at the level of a white American with an IQ of 120.’

We take this to suggest that values and focus trump IQ. I can work harder. Ok, noted.

She goes on to say:

… What you pay awareness of shapes your mind and behavior in astonishing ways … The good news is that attention’s capacity to change your brain and transform your experience is not limited to childhood but prevails throughout life.

si puede, dígalo con groserías